Meet Drag Artist Conchita Wurst Austria's Eurovision Entry

UPDATE She WON!! Check her song out here

Ms Conchita Wurst, the female half of the individual also known as Tom Neuwirth is causing quite a stir in Austria.
Some love that a drag artist is representing their country in this years Eurovision contest, but some are so upset they have begun a Facebook page in opposition. For the most part, the only thing the Facebook page has succeeded in doing is to give bigots and small-minded people a place to vent on.

Meanwhile Ms. Conchita Wurst appeared on the RTE "Saturday Nigh Show" to spread her message of inclusion and love..

Conchita hopes to follow in heels the last and only Austrian to win, Udo Jürgens in 1966

From her website:


"Two hearts beating in my chest" 

They are a team that only works in a duo. And, although they never get to face each other - and miss regularly in the mirror at moments.
Respect the owner Tom Neuwirth and the fictional character Conchita Wurst and appreciate each other wholeheartedly. They are two independent personalities with their own resumes that set a striking symbol of tolerance and against discrimination together.


  • Born on 11.06.1988 in Gmunden
  • grew up in the Obersteiermak
  • 2007 Candidate of the ORF casting show "Star Mania"
  • 2011 Final Fashion School Graz
  • Since then, he lives somewhere in Vienna


  • born in the Colombian highlands
  • grew up in Germany
  • 2011 candidate of the ORF casting show 'The big opportunity'
  • 2012 Candidate of Austrian preliminaries for the "Euro Visions Song Contest 2013 '
  • 2014 Austria Fixstarterin the "Euro Visions Song Contest 2014"
Conchita owes its birth to the fact that Tom had time of his life struggling with discrimination. So he created a woman with a beard. As a striking statement. As a catalyst for discussion of terms such as "different" or "normal". As a valve with which he wants to carry his message unmistakable and unmistakably in the world. 
Appearance, gender and origin are in fact completely SAUSAGE, when it comes to the dignity and freedom of the individual. "Solely man counts," says Tom / Conchita, "everyone should be allowed to live his life as he sees fit, as long as nobody gets hurt."

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