Laura Jane Klug, transgender teacher at Lumberton Texas ISD suspended for no reason

Lumberton Texas ISD suspended of Laura Jane Klug, a transgender teacher at the intermediate school reportedly after parents complained about her transgender status.

Parent, Rodger Beard, said he doesn't have a problem with transgender people but he does think it (sic) she causes a disruption in the class room:

"I don't want them teaching, especially at this age group, ah they can do many things in life but if it affects the young people, our little children, and their ability to learn and grown naturally, I think I have a issue with that."

Klug says she has been substituting at the school for some time and hasn't had anyone complain before, and is unsure what started all this telling 12 News

"I have always conducted myself in a professional manner and would never discuss my gender identity in school," Klug said.

The school board will be deciding whether to continue her employment tonight, but have been put on notice by Equality Texas terminating someone solely for their gender expression is in violation of EEOC title V11 and could put the ISD at risk a lawsuit.

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