Former Cop Nelson Stewart, gets probation for rape of locked-up transgender man

They called it bribery and let the 24 year veteran of the force go with probation. I call it rape when an officer of the law makes a prisoner perform sexual acts, regardless of the reason.

Source Chicago Tribune
The victim was a 30-year-old man arrested June 6 2012 in the 4500 block of West Monroe after he flagged down an undercover cop and offered to perform sex for $20, officials said. The man was taken to the Harrison District and placed in the lockup.

Stewart told the inmate that if he did him a “favor” he could be released later that day, Assistant State’s Attorney Lynn McCarthy said. Stewart told the victim he controlled the paperwork at the district, according to a police report.

Stewart performed oral sex on the man and the man performed oral sex on him, prosecutors said.

The Tribune also reported that Stewart is an active member of the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church and father of two. The Trib also said the church-going man was investigated for breaking a prisoner's jaw and rib cage in 2006, flipped journalists off with both fingers when he exited the court house.

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