Gay Hate and Bigotry towards transgender people on"Queer Cincinnati"

"Queer Cincinnati" exposed it's bigotry in parroting a CNN article in which hyped and commercialized stereotypical gender diversity ignorance.

I will offer this CNN reporter one free pass. I will assume she was thrilled to have a news assignment as potentially controversial as this and that she is a straight woman, ignorant of gender diversity, became caught up in the moment and used whatever terminology was presented to her by the McDonald's Male employees and policeman. In her rush to become a journalist of note she disregarded human dignity and integrity in reporting to stereotype the un interviewed and silent other half of the conflict.

Not only did "Queer Cincinnati" mindlessly PARROT this violence enabling article it added it's own hate terminology GEEFULLY aware "Is it wrong for me to think, damn those girls are FIERCE?" that transgender woman die from this garbage.

To answer that question is a mighty test of my will power not to lower myself to your level. Your words "Queer Cincinnati" are all thats needed.....

>>Re Posted without permission in full from Queer Cincinnati.<<

"When Drag Queens Attack"

"On the back of the tranny controversy...When Trannies Attack"

>>>>CNN Clip auto starts when blog is opened.<<<<

"I thought this was appropriate. Is it wrong for me to think, damn those girls are FIERCE? Took off their hoop earrings and their stilettos and all."

"But seriously, don't piss off a drag queen. For your own safety. Bitches wanted their chicken nuggests and fries!"

"That seems to be the lesson here. Good for the White Castle employees in Northside to hear."

"Just kidding. I repeat: that was not a threat."

"Just saying. They're slow. And rude."

"...and I want my mozzerella cheese sticks.'

"I would have like to have seen the discussion in the news room. "So, what do we call them?" It's funny they settled on transvestite.'

"(Thanks to DumbWhore, my new friend on Twitter, but NSFW.)
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PLANETRANSGENDER WAS ON QUEER CINCINATTIES BLOG LINK. I HAVE ASKE THE OWNERS OF THE BLOG TO REMOVE ME. It is always a huge disappointment when people who have used you to promote their own personal causes in reality hate you.

At least when I protest at a Church that is using improperly quoted Bible passages to promote hate the parishners and I are each aware it is a heart felt conviction that brings us together at that moment. You state that you "Love US", that is the exact same thing we hear from the misinformed well meaning Christians. I never have been laughed at and my pain has never been a matter of humor for straight Christians.

"Queer Cincinnati" you are below contempt.

Queer Cincinnati would you consider it "FIERCE" if the McDonald customers had been a homosexual? Or would you adhere closely to the GLAAD media guide the the near death beating of a gay man as the Dallas Voice did in reporting it?

Would it be "Fierce" then to laugh at "Trannies" and "Drag Queens" as they stood up for their rights to be respected?

"Queer Cincinnati" you are below contempt.

"I would have like to have seen the discussion in the news room. "So, what do we call them?" It's funny they settled on transvestite."

And you called them "DRAG QUEEN." You are s fine example the homosexual transphobic influence of movie's like "Ticked off trannys with knifes".

It is an OUTRAGE you call yourselves a glb(T) blog. You owe transgender and true Queer people an sincere apology.

By Kelli Busey
Feb. 01, 2009


Jeffery said...

I'll start off by admitting my ignorance to transgendered issues. I've watched documentaries on the topic. "TransAmerica" is one of my favorite films. Beyond that my pool of knowledge is rather shallow. I do not know any transgendered persons first hand.

That being said I am still confused by the controversy over the original post "When Drag Queens Attack." I've read and reread the original post several times. I fail to find where QueerCincinnati directly used the term tranny. Can someone point it out to me? Maybe I'm just slow. If anything, perhaps the offense should be naming the attackers as drag queens. For all anyone knows they could have been footballers who just happened to be wearing female attire.

Was the post in poor taste? Very likely, but then I often get tired of the white wash, high pedestal, we have to watch our every word in case we offend someone, political correctness of the world we live in. I realized right off that the post was tongue in cheek. To me the incident in Memphis is funny in a scary sort of way. From the mental picture of 3, to be PC, angry persons in female clothing attacking McDonald's employees with a crowbar and Wet Floor sign to the obvious ignorance of said employees during the interview. It is absurdly hilarious. And let's not forget the reporter and CNN. Someone at CNN fell asleep at the politically correct wheel.

Self promoting? Hell yeah. QueerCincinnati can hardly deny that. Hate-mongering, homophobic, bigot? Not so much. He can be crass at times, but then who isn't on occasion. What surprises me most is that after such name calling by Ms. Busey she still expects an open dialog. I can't help but wonder is she realizes how bigoted her own words read. "When I saw that a black man was working a register I changed lanes." I'm sure she doesn't mean offense to African-American males working minimum wage jobs everywhere. Perhaps she meant she purposely changed lanes to the be greeted by the black man for some greater good. Perhaps not. I'm still not clear on that.

If nothing else, this back and forth has caused me to look at several transgendered blogs. I'm starting to deepen my knowledge pool. Even from those transgendered bloggers that use the word tranny.

planet trans said...

Hey Jeffery, thank you for caring. The word tranny is listed by GLAAD Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in the GLAAD Media Reference Guide, 7th Edition as;

Defamatory Language

"fag," "faggot," "dyke," "homo," "sodomite," "queen," "she-male," "he-she," "it," "tranny" and similar epithets.
The criteria for using these derogatory terms should be the same as those applied to hate words for other groups: they should not be used except in a direct quote that reveals the bias of the person quoted. So that such words are not given credibility in the media, it is preferred that reporters say, "The person used a derogatory word for a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person."
It would be absurd to even imagine anyone making a movie using one of the sexual orientation specific tags, why should gay people feel they can defame transgender people?

Being ignorant of gender sensitivity and wishing to be informed is honorable.

You may need to do research to develop a educated opinion on this, but in the meanwhile mutual respect between Transgender, Gay, Lesbians, Intersexed, Bisexual, Questioning and Queer and Hetero folk can be insured by adhering to the GLAAD Media Reference Guide.

It's easy, fun and everyone is a winner.