Fired Ohio Transgender Student Teacher Broke No Laws Or Code Of Ethics

This transgender student teacher was bullied out of his job by school district and made to believe the actions by the the district was appropriate. This is simply not true. The Student teacher broke no laws or code of conduct.

He was simply trying too educate his students about his gender expressions to address rumors and vocal misgendering occurring in his class room. There is no more wrong with that than if a Muslim or Jewish orthodox teacher educated there students about the difference in their attire.

A commenter identifying as a student at the school defended the teacher:

There is nothing more wrong with that than if a person of color was to instruct there students on the science of different skin pigmentation and why there is no reason to fear them because of there appearance.

And the Federal Government Agrees recently ruling that gender expression and identity are protected under tittle VII of the civil rights act.

The Hillsboro Ohio school district superintendent didn't agree and fired the teacher for alleged unspecified violation of the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators but has refused to identify what code was violated despite repeated requests by the Willimington News Journal.

Despite my best efforts I can not identify what code was broken ether so I posted it so you can decide.

Licensure COPC for Ohio Educators Color[1]

Given there was no actual violations of codes, moral standards or laws by the transgender teachers response to bigotry the only reason left would be that voiced by another commenter Willimington News Journal:

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