Transgender Woman Ticketed For Using Parkland Ladies Room "I Did Nothing Wrong"

Paula Witherspoon, a transgender woman from Dallas Texas was ticketed for using the ladies room after another woman told hospital police she was made 'very afraid' by Paula. A day ago the Dallas Voice broke this story. I called friends in Dallas, not knowing Paula personally, before committing my reputation in her defense and what I was told made me hesitate in posting. I needed to wait, given how much had not been brought to light and the importance of this story.
What my friends told me turned out to be true. Paula is a convicted sex offender on parole and does wear a ankle braclet. Paula's legal name has not been changed to reflect her feminine expression, a fact some news outlets taut, while misgendering her with male pronouns like a additional damning piece of evidence of misdeeds.

That's enough to motivate me to post. I have been forced to endure a very similar transphobic bathroom attack just miles from Parkland hospital. Parkland says the ticket she received is 'under review' casting doubt on the validity of the charge and the Parkland police actions.
Is Paula a victim having been identified as a easy target by a hateful woman or did she actually commit a crime in that restroom? If justice prevails we will learn the truth, or what the is perceived by the the majority as truth in the form of a verdict.
KHOU 11 Houston's impartial and unbiased report

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