Top Russian human rights lawyer comes out as transgender

Russian lawyer and the Chair of Association of Russian Lawyers for human rights Evgeny Arkhipov announced officially that she is a transgender MtF and her name is Masha Bast.

Masha Bast will continue her advocacy activity, civic and political career in Russia. Also Masha Bast plans to develop next organization and unions: Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights , All-Russian Anti-Corruption Center CLEAN HAND, civic union " Socialistki", All-Ukrainian Union " Sobornaya Ukraine" and scientific projects "For progress" and re-created GIRD .

Masha Bast reminds, that she is the lawyer of Alexander Kamensky in Bolotny case, Manezhnaya case , “primorskie partizany”, "about the attempt on Putin’s life" and other political cases. Also Masha Bast continues the protection of transgender Roman Sorokin, who had asked political asylum in France.
Currently, Masha Bast officially married. Masha Bast is undergoing hormone therapy and plans a series of operations.
As Masha Bast told, everybody may follow news about her life and family: Masha Bast and Julia Guseinova will keep a diary of their life on facebook

Published on Sep 5, 2013
Маша Баст рассказывает о своей жизни и планах, работе и политической карьере.
Masha Bast says about her life, plans, work and political career.

Masha posted this to her timeline:

  • To say the truth, I've never been Evgeny Arkhipov, always since the birth can be said, since the three years as I remember myself, I consider myself Masha, I was just forced in the past to use the man's name Evgeny Arkhipov and to Achieve Certain goals and not much else, I note I was Born A woman.

Gay.ru news reports that
"Bast, who is undergoing hormone therapy and plans to implement a number of surgical gender reassignment, is married to Julia Guseynovoy, head of the press service of the Russian Association of Lawyers for Human Rights. According to the couple, they are not going to give up, though, after a legal change of sex marriage will terminate. However, as reported Gay.Ru Huseynov, after receiving the documents for Maria girl's name, the marriage will be renegotiated abroad - in one of the countries where it is legal. On her coming-visite Maria Bast said on the social network Facebook, and promises her wife to lead blog, talking about the events of his life and work."

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