IACHR: 65% of LGBT murdered Oct. - Nov. 2012 Were Trans

Source Transgender Europe (TGEU)

CIDH llama a LatAm para defender a las personas LGBTI.

The America's are far from safe for trans people as the graphic illustrates. There are a lot of variables that contribute to the final numbers, such as freedom of the press, cultural acceptance and state of advocacy. The higher numbers in a given country could also represent a strong surge towards acceptance by the trans community and the inevitable backlash of violence.

Of the 54 reported murders of LGBT people in the America's during Oct Nov 2012 34 were trans. with Brazil being especially deadly with 20 reported murders during that period, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) reports.

Reported murders trans during Nov. Dec. 2012: Argentina (1), Bolivia (1), Brazil (20), the Dominican Republic (1), Honduras (1), Mexico (8), Nicaragua (1), and the United States (2).

Also, the Commission received information on 15 murders of gay men or men perceived to be gay during these two months. These occurred in Brazil (12), Mexico (2), and Nicaragua (1). Finally, the Commission also received information that there were 4 homicides of lesbian women or women perceived to be lesbian, occurring in Brazil (3) and Ecuador (1).

Brazil reported 35 murdered or 65 percent of the total for LGBT people.


Transgender people comprise only 1% of the overall population yet we are being murdered at this phenomenal rate? Why?

The IACHR calls on governments to investigate these murders. Many of these murders and acts of violence are not investigated and if they are, the perpetrators go unpunished. This only serves to fan the flame of hate, empowering criminals ultimately increasing violence against LGBT people.

CIDH expresa preocupación sobre homicidios y actos de violencia contra personas LGBTI en las Américas and the IACHR Press Release in English

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