Meteor Wifi Advert Complaints Upheld. Trans People Win.

A lesson for Paul Ryder: Transgender People Are Empowered, Again.

The Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) has led the worlds trans community for the second time in a hard fought battle and for the second time we won

The first instance was pretty clear cut. There was no denying that the Paddy Power was transphobic so it took no time for the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) to deem the ad transphobic compelling Paddy Power to pull it.

The latest instance it was much more difficult to prove harm was indeed intended so TENI called us to respond via twitter and social media. Respond we did but so did a world of of transphobic trolls waiting to argue otherwise.

But this time I found out who one of the actors were and took drag queen Paul Ryder to Task For His Part in the ad.

For my efforts I was harassed, people tried to intimidate me, calling me names, denigrating my humanity. There were even some tweets saying I should be sued.

But the coup de grace was a tweet mentioning Paul Ryder by one of his followers threatening to kick my teeth in. That account was deactivated soon afterwards.

Important to note, I am not declaring war on drag queens but there's a lesson here for people like Paul Ryder. You will be held accountable. If you act to harm us you can no longer drown us out in the media. We will not be cowed by threats of violence. You can no longer hide under the trans umbrella obfuscating the truth.

Transgender people are no longer your prey.

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