Judge Awards $700K Legal Fee to Michelle Kosilek Lawyers In SRS WIN

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The price of denying us our Human Rights has just gone UP.

Source: Boston.com :A federal judge said today that he would award more than $700,000 in legal fees to the team of lawyers who represented Michelle Kosilek, the convicted murderer who sued the state for a sex change operation to treat her gender identity disorder.

Chief US District Judge Mark L. Wolf said from the bench in court in Boston that he recognized the cost to taxpayers, but he said the costs derived from a hard-fought lawsuit to preserve Kosilek’s constitutional rights.

He noted that while the state Department of Correction is appealing his decision to order the surgery, Kosilek’s legal team has offered to dismiss their request for legal fees if the state drops the appeal and pays for the surgery.

“Resistance at all costs can end up costing the taxpayers quite a lot,” the judge said, adding that the Department of Correction has had to pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees to lawyers in other cases in which the department violated prisoners’ constitutional rights.

“The repeated violation of constitutional rights of prisoners … costs taxpayers money that is needed for other purposes,” he said.


Unknown said...

Shame on you. I think this a travesty and it makes a mockery of any sense of justice and the very murdered victim in this crime. We do remember her, right? The mere fact that you and the trans community are sitting there trying to justify and rally support this murderer who lets face it, uses the idea of being Trans as an excuse to escape the harsh reality of a man's prison for the comfier woman's prison. I can't see any other community supporting a brutal murderer like you are praising this murderer. I'm a woman and if another woman took a life, in such a brutal way, I would be wondering why she wasn't sentenced to death. I wouldn't care if she was overly comfortable in prison. Did she care about her victim?
I can't believe that out of all the stories for you to support and fight for, you glorify this murderer. This isn't about rights, this is about a murderer finding a way to manipulate the system. Shame on you and shame on you for celebrating this as a win for the transgender community, because it not. If in anything, its a huge glaring loss. All this will do is show criminals that they can make up some sob gender story that isn't even true, make a mockery out of those that are really dealing with Trans issues and make those reluctant to want to step forward and help. I'm sorry, I'm just disgusted with this and really sad that this is a person that you support. This should be about the true victim, the one who is dead. Not the murderer.

planet trans said...

Kimberly, I guess if you went to prison the judges rational for for this would not apply to you. Shame on you Kimberly for designating trans people unworthy of the same human rights you take for granted.
Important to note Kimberly this issue is exteremly controversal to the trans community. Do not assume everyone in a minority think the same way.