Oregon Ruling Now Mandates Equal Transgender Insurance For Residents

SRS here we come! Yeeha! Giteup! Ondelay! We're moving to Oregon Woot W00T!

Wait wait!! Before you hitch up the mule and haul ass to the Beaver State....

You can get the medical care you need if the same or like procedure is provided for cisgender people by the insurer.

The bulletin specifically states that:

Health insurers must provide coverage and cannot deny coverage of treatments for transgender policy holders if the same treatments are covered for other policy holders. If an insurer covers breast reduction surgery to lessen back pain, the insurer could not deny breast reduction surgery for gender transition if the provider deemed the treatment medically necessary. If hormone therapy is covered for other policyholders, it cannot be denied for gender transition if determined to be medically necessary. On the other hand, an insurer could exclude all coverage of breast implants or penile implants. In short, Oregon law requires equality in treatment.

Health insurers may not have riders that categorically exclude all transgender patients.

The statewide mandate for coverage of mental health services must apply to transgender patients.

The designation of male or female may not be relevant to treatment (ie, a person cannot be denied an ovarian cancer screening on the basis that they identify as male).

Provisional equality has it's draw backs in money hungry corporate America. What if the insurer decides that breast reduction will no longer be available for cis woman with back pain?

No SRS for FTM.

What if a insurer decides it will no longer cover penal implants for impotent cis men? You got the picture. No beaver state for me. Whats up with that?

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