Patrick Bonnett of Omaha Liberty Project Busted. Religious Rights Are Protected.

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The amendment to Omaha's anti-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBT people passed in 2012 is under attack by a organization which portends to represent many local churches. The Liberty Project has begun a petition to rescind the new law.

Patrick Bonnett of Omaha Liberty Project told Channel 6 News, "Ordinances like this lead to unintended consequences and those consequences lead to discrimination against religious liberties, religious freedoms of speech, rights of conscience and we oppose that."

Bonnett's real fear is that non religious business owners (where his bread is buttered) will be compelled to place the city's laws above there own fears. Bonnett hopes by misinforming and fear mongering he will persuade enough people to sign the petition and force a public vote on a minorities rights.

Dispelling the lies. Omaha's laws:

The Liberty Project petition tells potential signers that the law now says:

Source: Liberty Project

Rhetorical question: Would the liberty project, religious bookstores or Churches deny me employment if I asked to sweep there floors before this amendment was passed? How about after it's passage?

In case Omaha's Church's don't all ready do discriminate this the ordnance makes it clear that they do have the right to discriminate against me:

Source: Omaha Municipal Codes.

What about jobs other than ministering?

A church's membership obviously would decline so keeping it clean, mowing or shoveling snow would be considered essential to it's religious activity.

Administration and clerical duties would suffer if a godless transgender person like myself were to sabotage it, so of course that position is essential to a churches religious function.

The truth is most LGBT people have a spiritual belief. Many including myself attend a religious gathering and it has always been our practice to insure those religious rights are protected.

I will ask the good people of Omaha to consider this. Transgender people were spoken about three times in the Bible. Once in the old Testament by God, once by Jesus and once by a angel and to see what the Liberty Project for what they really are, hatemongers.

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