Uma transgênero irmã assassinada perto Clube Parque das Águas Brasil

Trans woman Fernanda Carrico da Silva was shot dead January 9th in broad daylight while riding her bicycle on ERS-118 near the Parque das Águas, (pictured left) Viamão, Brazil.

The police saw this happen yet the murderers still managed to escape.

Source Homofobia Mata (Grupo Gay da Bahia), Brazil: [Bing translate]

"The death of a parent heterosexual family gives news. If the death of a rich guy, gives up rally. If the dead person is gay, but has money or is the "high society", do demonstration, reporting on homophobia, no noise, posters, weeping and gnashing of teeth."

"But the death of a transvestite, a hustler, it seems that it is notmore important than the death of a cockroach."

"The event happened in daylight in a busy place, and there was just some media coverage. Alias, no, no. Had yes: I want to compliment, really compliment and congratulate, Radio Guaiba, who did a story about the crime. The mainstream press, only Guaíba did it. The rest gave no note, nor how peal."

Read more at homofobia mata.

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