Tennessee's Menace to Children Stacey Campfield Reintroduces "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Stacey Campfield has reintroduced SB 235 a watered down homo-genized version of previous years but its just as bad. 2013's version does not explicitly state homosexuality or make any reference to transsexuality. Instead the bill would require school staff who perceive 'alternative sexual' behaviour in a student grades one through eight to give reparative therapy to said student.

Then the bill would require the school to inform the students parents about there son or daughters deviant lifestyle.

This man is a menace to children. Another beaten child. Another homeless LGBT youth. Another murdered trans teen who in desperation prostituted herself. Another dead body. Fuck you Campfield.

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This is the way it is Campfield. Today. Your hate will not defeat us.

At the presentation of senior class awards (Class Clown, Most Likely to Succeed, etc.), an LGBT teen publicly announces during his acceptance speech for Class Actor award that he is an LGBT teen and is tired of acting as someone he's not on a daily basis. His classmates clearly approve. He still has six months left of school (as of January 2013).

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