Queer Teen Luke O'Donovan Arrested After Homophobic Gang Attack

Of course there will be homophobes willing to tell Fox News what they want to hear about Luke O'Donovan's fight for his life painting it as a random act of violence.

The Free Cece Committee has lent there credibility in asking that the truth be exposed.

By accounts of party goer's Luke danced with a another male and kissed him. Then the anti gay slurs began. Luke was then attacked by a group of five to twelve men who chased him out of the house into the street and began beating him, yelling "Faggot". In the altercation a knife was drawn, Luke was stabbed and a number of his attackers were cut.

Witness are needed to come forward. As there has been no defense named as of this posting please contact letlukego@gmail.com

Luke was the only one arrested despite the police report that stated the fight began after a "discussion over sexual orientation and gay slurs". You don't have a polite discussion with a gang intent on fucking you up. Damn. And Luke was the only one arrested?

The web site that went up to support Luke"Let Luke Go" asks that witness communicate with them at letlukego@gmail.com  or a lawyer and not go to the police first. It's that bad.

Support Luke by joining the Facebook page In Love and Solidarity - Support Luke O'Donovan

Pictures of Luke growing up


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this - Luke is my roommate and dear friend. His next bond hearing is tommorrow!

planet trans said...

Benjamin, I pray Luke will be released today.