Chelsea Manning's bid for transition is a bit of a conundrum for the Army

Inadvertently Chelsea Manning might have started the Army gender revolution.

Some believe Chelsea Manning is a patriot railroaded by the military machine simply for exposing its wilful and joyful slaughter of Innocent civilians.

Some see Chelsea Manning as a Benedict Arnold of the Internet age and believe her sentence fair.

Almost everyone of us in the LGBT community would find it inconceivable to be denied transition for 35 years. I say almost everyone because this is a highly divisive topic and my empathy for Manning's plight has drawn the ire of some of our friends.

Many believe she did the crime now she's got to do the crime. (how many more countries will ask for the Wikileaks papers before she's released?)

Crime or not the ARMY has a moral duty to their prisoners.

Army Regulation AR 501 para 2-27 finds a person unfit to enlist and unfit for duty if the individual has a "Current or history of psychosexual conditions including, but not limited to transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias".

The Army bases this exclusion on the prognosis by the APA DSM.

The Army considers transexulism as a mental illness and the Army spokesman for Fort Leavenworth stated they have Manning's well being in mind.

But they won't if they don't give her the opportunity to transition.

In fact, as Kristin Beck who called her a traitor pointed out it would be cruel and unusual punishment to deny her the dignity of living in her correct for what could be the rest of her life.

Quite a conundrum, maybe a revolution.

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