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There has been 238 transgender people murdered worldwide according to the Trans Europe murder project, that we know of. Looking at the Trans respect world map we see many counties with no reported murders. We know that's simply not true. Trans people are everywhere.

It's really hard on trans bloggers like myself as we have become proactive in reporting, but needless to say its harder on the immediate families members. Can you imagine being the mother of a trans child who at one point had been bullied to the brink of suicide?

Those mothers know these numbers aren't just statistics. They are human lives. Dear people, Conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, all people. Please take a moment out of your busy day to read her message and reflect on how you have affected trans lives.

So I wanted to share my dear friends perspective, a mother of a trans girl who has ltteraly gone through hell and back. Why we should care.

Transgender Day of Remembrance. What's the big deal? Why will so many people all over the world be lighting candles and forming in togetherness today? Why should we dare to have a day of Remembrance. Is it warranted? Is it necessary? Is it our right? 

Do you know what pure fear feels like? I know someone who does. I know someone who faced pure fear from the age of four. Do you know what being called a freak by grown women feels like? I know someone who found out at the age of nine. Would you feel comfortable living as the opposite sex daily? I know someone who had to. Do you enjoy the idea of being pointed out and talked about when you go to shops? I knew a 7 year old who didn't enjoy that. Woud you appreciate being laughed at wherever you went? I know someone who didn't. Would you like the idea that you could be abused daily and nothing would be done about it? I know someone who experienced that frustration. How would you feel knowing that just by being you people will hate you? I know someone who wonders why. Do you think you could cope with knowing that at any point you could be attacked, beaten, ridiculed, humiliated or even murdered when you've done nothing wrong? I know someone who copes. How about considering ending your life because you cannot live in fear of being a human being? I know someone who got so tired it was an option. Do you think that the above is acceptable?
I don't.
So does that mean I'm abnormal?
Does it make me a bad person?
Am I a freak because I'm disgusted and saddened by the needless loss of human life? Am I mentally unbalanced because I pray for people to live freely and safely and with a quality of life that they have the God given right to?
Can I talk of God when I love and adore a transgender child? I can talk of God yes because I do not speak hatred with the same mouth.

Today is a day for showing respect for all those souls who were taken or left too soon. There are so many more than you could ever comprehend. You just don't hear about them.
I think of them everyday. I think of all those suffering with all kinds of issues too. My focus is on humanity and not concentrated on one area and walk of life. We will remember those who have gone with the Angels. They deserve that love that they never received. We know they are at Peace now. I would like the name count to decrease each year but it doesn't - it gets higher.
Transgender - not normal?
Think on what I have described if you think that's normal then you are partially responsible for why today exists...
Try and change your thinking.
If you can't then please at the very least do no harm...

Sacha Lee Kerin Hitchen.
Proud Mother and adoring friend.

A list of vigils worldwide can be found at http://www.transgenderdor.org/

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