Miss Universe Gabriela Isler on transgender contestants They should get their own pageant because this ones for woman"

Gabriela Isler is delightful, gorgeous and a transgender exclusionary bigoted cisgender woman. Isler made it known she does not think whats good for the goose is also good for the transgender

Is any less real after surgery
who gets to decide?
photo: Quemas.mamas latinas.com 

I disagree. Whats good for the transgender is good for the gander and so does RED LGBT Venezuela.

During the interview it was observed that the crown fell off her at first. Isler explained the person crowning her was petite and at that moment the crown didn't fit her "It's mine and it was made for me and fits me (sic) very well".

I question whether that crown would have been such a perfect fit antes.

 Giselle Castro at Quemas Mama Latinas notes that "I personally believe there's nothing wrong with getting a little plastic surgery here and there if a person decides they need it. In Isler's case, it's hard to deny that she looks like a completely different person in her after picture!"

A completely different person.

Gabriela said she claimed this victory for 'all people of Venezuela' further excluding transgender Venezuelans who she doesn't believe are real people.

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TransGriot has more on this. Lots more.

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Anonymous said...

This just means that WE get to be the people to make the difference. WE get to be in the history books instead of reading about others who made a difference. This is our time!!!