Pink Panther LGBT summarily bans Wrangler dissension on Facebook. Will they ban you too?

Posted on the Denver Wrangler web site
http://denverwrangler.com/news/open_letter_from_the_pink_panthers_movement1. Colorado law only says that establishments must ensure people embibing are of age. 2. I am happy that someone went to the Denver Wrangler and had a good time. I don't doubt they did on that particular day. 3. Expressing a view is not slanderous. I am positive that if I or Cristin Williams or any of the mainstream publishers slandered the Wrangler they wouldn't have hesitated in bringing a lawsuit.

What followed has just as deplorable. The Denver Wrangler pressured the members of the charities it helps to support by telling individuals they would be unwelcome if they talked about that incident or even remained friends with the victim.

The Denver Wranglers paid representives then went after myself and the TransAdvocate where my planetransgender article was cross posted. 

They demanded we take down the pictures and in private messages demanded I delete my article from facebook. They succeeded in pressuring facebook to censure my article and deleted Vito's Youtube video. But their bullying only served to increase my resolve to stand with Vito.

To my knowlage anyone who has dared to question the Pink Panthers to this point about there reaction to the Wrangler incident has been banned from their page. I am asking that you question this as well. Would you belong to a group who whould summarily banned

I doubt it. Like there letter said on the Wrangler post they claim to welcome dialog. 
Will they welcome yours? 

Will they ban you if you attend today's protest at the Denver Wrangler?

  • PROTEST ACTION: Spread the word - Sunday 11-10-2013 4pm @ the Denver Wrangler.

    Gender non conforming attire is highly encouraged.
    We will be meeting outside the Denver Wrangler to let our voices be heard. We will then proceed to a bar crawl of other establishments in the area to show support of other venues which do not discriminate based on gender presentation.

    We will keep it peaceful. We will not enter the bar. We will stay on the public sidewalk and not block traffic, or access to the venue.


    It has been understood for many years that the Wrangler denies entry to individuals if their gender presentation does not match their government issued ID. The Wrangler also discriminates using gender based pricing at their beer busts as women are not allowed to participate. This is illegal under the Colorado Anti Discrimination Act.

    The Wrangler as a bar, is classified as a venue of public accomodation. As such, they are obligated to accomodate any individual based on their gender or perceived gender status. This policy is transphobic and discriminatory against anyone who presents their gender differently. It is a shame that an establishment which frequently operates under the LGBT banner would have such a policy.

    On 8/31/2013 Vito John Marzano tried to enter the Wrangler after attending a fundraiser while in drag. He was denied entry because his gender presentation did not match his government issued ID. It was all caught on video.

    Since that night an official complaint has been filed with DORA, and an investigation is under way. A movement called "Boycott the Denver Wrangler" has been formed to encourage Denver residents not to give business to the Wrangler until they change their discriminatory policies. We have attempted to open a dialog with the Wrangler at a nuetral location to end the Boycott, but they refuse. The only response we have received from the Wrangler is threats cvia their attorneys to Vito to cease and desist.

    DORA states the following on this issue:

    Colorado Law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on certain protected classes (characteristics). Examples of prohibited discriminatory practices include: terms of service; denial of full and equal service; intimidation; failure to accommodate; access; conditions; privileges; advertising; and retaliation. A place of public accommodation can be a: bar; restaurant; financial institution; school or educational institution; health club; theater; hospital; museum or zoo; hotel or motel; public club; retail store; medical clinic; public transportation; nursing home; recreational facility or park; and library.

    Colorado law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. By legal definition, sexual orientation means heterosexuality, homosexuality (lesbian or gay), bisexuality, and transgender status. Transgender status means a gender indentity or gender expression that differs from societal expectations based on gender assigned at birth.
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