Florence High School Board upholds Superintendent's Ruling: Transgender student will continue to use the girls room

Pacific Injustice Institute losses, again. In an ill advised publicity stunt the lawyers at the California P(in)JI failed to force a Colorado transgender girl to use the boys room.

After losing the California Marriage equality battle the P(in)JI needed another cash cow to milk. So these lawyers singled out a lone Colorado transgender high school student to sensationalize their currentfight against California transgender student equality legislation. Why all the way to Colorado? Because there were no instances of transgender students acting improperly in all of the California school districts that previously enacted trans specific equality rules.

And now we also know there have been no instances of Colorado transgender students acting inappropriately. On behalf of all minorities I would like to make it known that our existence is not criminal regardless of how "uncomfortable" we make some people feel.

Source Pueblo Chieftain (trigger warning): "The board voted unanimously to uphold a report issued by Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti following less than one hour in executive session Thursday evening."

"Vendetti was asked to look into the issue by an attorney representing the families of three girls. The girls reported harassment from a male student who identifies as a female."

"Florence police investigated the alleged harassment, however the detective assigned to the case was unable to substantiate any criminal charges when the girls declined to be interviewed." - Pueblo Chieftain.

From the Paific (in) Justice web site:::

Cristan Williams at the TransAdvocate called the school and talked to Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti:::

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