Transgender model Ines Rau rocks with the hot Tyson Beckford

Hot and smart Persian expat Ines Rau is turning the world of cisnormality on its ear!

So Colorlines just has to know, who is this Ines Rau? Hip Hollywood wanted to know so bad they capitalized their query like a explanation point asking who is this "TRANSGENDER MODEL" who would dare pose with a cisgender hunk like Tyson Beckford.

Rau having traveled our road less taken offers this advice to our sisters and brothers considering gender alignment surgeries:

Having a sex change is not the answer to insecurities or other issues, a lot of transgender do not understand that it has to be done with reflection: because of a real deep desire to be a woman from a younger age. It’s fabulous the level of happiness- it’s just absolutely impossible to describe. I’m the happiest girl in the world, just being what I wanted to be. You have to love yourself enough to go for it without the fear of being judged or rejected. That’s my advice for them.

Seems the pictures are so steamy that Istagram and Facebook banned them!

Models.com has a great interview with Ines Rau and yes some more pictures of this gorgeous woman.

Her photo shoot can be seem in full at oobmag

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