California Trans Student Jewelyes Guitierrez attacked by mob, speaks out

It was a mob, a gang if you will. There were easily a dozen students who weren't physically involved who were throwing abuse and encouraging the girls attacking Jewelyes last month. It would be absurd to think those same agitators were not involved with the incidents that led up to the fight.

Its called bullying and it is unacceptable anywhere.

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Guitierrez told the school board that she unsuccessfully tried to get help from the vice principal before the Nov. 15 fight that was captured on a cellphone camera, reported local station KNTV.

Police concluded that Guitierrez hit first and recommended she be charged with two counts of battery on a school ground.
"The complete investigation showed that >>he<< was the aggressor and that what you had seen (in the video) was apparently after the original incident," Det. Connie Van Putten told the Daily News

Perhaps the good Det. should learn which pronouns to use when speaking about a woman.

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