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Greek Transsexuals Are Being Rounded Up, Arrested and Threatened In a Pre Pride CrackDown

Amidst the Greek government's ongoing draconian reaction to the recent protests and the subsequent silencing of the media, there is yet another untold story of human suffering. The police at the bequest of the Orthodox church are targeting law abiding transgender residents of the northern city of Thessaloniki in a bid to terrorize the LGBT community by breaking the weakest link, before the city's second Pride.

At a righteous #1 with 22,683 views. No one was talking about the way our community was being treated in Greece. They are now. Read More 

Photo shopped Picture slamming the Salvation Army does no good

Update 12/9/2013. TRV has since changed the original image to a obviously staged picture.
You can still see the original cached image from the site here.
This change in imagery only serves to highlight the ill intent of the article as the content remained the same. 
There is a story circulating the Internet and facebook with a very disturbing picture featured. It shows two happy young woman fund raising for the Salvation Army but the disturbing sign between them says "Gays Not Allowed". The story is presented as current news and combined with the visual has elicited strong angry reaction from the LGBT community.

10,317 hits since published in September speaks of reconciliation and a need for 'fair and balanced' reporting not just from cis and hetero media but from LGBT media as well.
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South Carolina Sued over failed sex assignment surgery on 16 Month old Intersex Infant

A South Carolina Couple who's adopted intersex infant was operated on without their knowledge just three months before they took custody to 'correct' ambiguous genital are suing saying the gender that was assigned was wrong.

Pam and Mark Crawford's first of a kind lawsuit alleges the doctors couldn't have known which gender the 16 month old known only as "M.C.", would identify as later in life when they modified his genitalia to appear female. Now that M.C. is 8 years old and identifies as male his female genitalia is causing him great distress.

7,016 hits. Read More 

Victory In California! Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 1266 Empowering Transgender Students

Today marks the beginning of a new era for transgender equality. AB1266 is now law.

 What this means: As our next generation of citizens matures they will have first hand knowledge and respect for their transgender peers and vice versa.

What this doesn't mean:  APFoxand ABC's first paragraph states that California transgender students can now use 'whatever restroom they want". Read More

There was a popular misconception parroted by mainstream media that AB 1266 would allow transgender people to 'use what ever bathroom they wanted'. This post reached 5,100 people helping to dispel that untruth.

Smith College Requires a Trans woman to be Sterilized prior to Admittance

In what amounts to forced eugenics, Smith College has told a transgender applicant she must complete sexual reassignment surgery as a requirement before she can attend the school. The Smith College Trans : policy would appear it is a welcoming placeRead More

need we say more? Yes, we do, but a few, 3,129 who saw it were outraged and helped to change this policy.

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