Video: Ten year old reacts to being told that some "blame" her parents for her being transgender

"I'm taking a stand. It will not happen here without a change in plumbing," said Delta School District 50J board member Kathy Svenson this week.

Svensons isn't backing down. She's demanding that 10 year old girls like Harriette Cunningham be castrated and 10 year old transgender boys be sterilized before she would allow them to attend her Delta Colorado school.

Forced sterilization amounts to nothing less than genocide

Kathy Svenson take a good look at this video. Rethink your morality.


ABOVE: Ten year old Harriette was born a boy “Declan”. Never wavering in who she is, Harriette knew early on she was meant to be a girl.
“I’ve always been a girl, even when I was considered a boy,” says ten-year-old transgender child, Harriette Cunningham. “In my dreams I was never a boy.”

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