Ukrainian journalists demand justice in response to Tetiana Chornovol beating.

In a short period of time, since November 22 there has been an onslaught targeting Ukrainian activist who want closer ties with the EU. But the violence doesn't stop there. Its now being directed towards LGBT people  and journalists as well.

U.S. Embassy in Kyiv condemned the attack on Chornovol in the statement it released on Dec. 25. The embassy called for an investigation, "which unlike previous such incidents must result in those responsible being held fully accountable under the law."

Watch this video from the dashboard camera in Tetiana Chornovol's car as they force her to stop the day after she posted about Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Yuriyovych Zakharchenko extravagant new home.

"They didn't say anything. They were just beating." Tetiana Chornovo from her hospital bed.


Who would do such a thing? Most say these criminals are ether tied to Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych or working for him indirectly.

You can watch a video stream from Kiev protest site via UStream.

  • Statement by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

    The EU Delegation to Ukraine is closely following with concern the increasing pressure on civil society activists, political leaders and journalists who are taking part in peaceful protests in Kyiv and around the country, in support of the association of Ukraine with the EU and for the respect of fundamental freedoms. Intimidations, physical violence and dubious charges are being reported from different cities. The brutal attack the past night on journalist and activist Tetyana Chornovol is unfortunately only the latest one of a number of recent worrying cases.

    The freedom of expression is among the internationally enshrined fundamental human rights which Ukraine signed up to respect and protect and which remain among the core values of every free and democratic society.

    It is the duty and responsibility of the authorities to protect people’s right to demonstrate peacefully, the freedom of expression of journalists and other civil society activists: such rights needs to be protected everywhere and for everybody.

    We note the prompt call by President Yanukovych for an investigation on the case of Tetyana Chornovol. We hope for a comprehensive investigation of that case and of all other cases of intimidation and violence based on all available and trustworthy evidences and witnesses. A proper and independent investigation would bring to justice all those responsible and address the problem of perceived impunity in the country for such serious violations of fundamental freedoms. Inaction of authorities or lack of result of the investigation risk to undermine public trust in ability of state to protect its citizens.

Live from the protest at Kiev # Êvromajdan # Evromajdan #Euromaidan

Live streaming video by Ustream

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