The hoax:. Open letter from a mother who's son was bullied for being gay.

The letter was a hoax. A person contacted me from the email address that I received this letter from and said they had been 'hacked' This individual has since taken down all links that they provided.

I know it is disappointing when we are deceived but feel righteous knowing your good will did not betray you.  The congregations who prayed and those who reached out to "Alex's mom" did it out of compassion and love for our neighbors.

Matthew 22:37-40

New International Version (NIV)
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

This individual is still in pain but it may be beyond us to forgive him/her. Or maybe not. The pain this person will feel may not be experienced on this earth, but there will be a time of reckoning for him/her, so yes our prayers are still needed for him/her.

I ignored a hard learned lesson about validating sources when I posted this person's letter. Through my tears, the day before Christmas, reading "Alex's Mom's" letter I felt such a need to share Christ's love. My love remains for this individual, but not my trust.

Alex's Mom, I forgive you and yes you are still held in my prayers. Do good.

Kelli Anne Busey

The letter:

The following is a open letter from Alex's mom whom I happened to meet on twitter yesterday.
She found Alex in his room December 20th.

Her pain was so intense and real in her short messages I had to try to help. I love you Alex's mom and I pray this helps with your pain.
R.I,P. Alex

"He was a happy teenage boy three months away from his 18th birthday. He told me everything. he was an average student. He wanted to be a therapist no not want he was determined to become a therapist. We moved around a lot this was his 4th high school. He was a senior. I was afraid he wasn't going to make any friends, but when he got home after his first day of school he could not stop talking about all of the friends he had made. 
He had a beautiful smile, The kind that could brighten a dull room. He loved to laugh, his laugh was contagious. Once he started laughing it was only a matter of time before the whole room was down on the floor laughing along with him. He made videos on youtube trying to get his message across the world.

 He was a strong believer in gay rights. He wanted to change the world. He touched the lives of every one who knew him. He had lost a lot  of friends to suicide, he always blamed himself for not being there. When some one hurt he hurt, he had the ability to feel the pain of others. I remember that day he told me he was gay, he was crying so hard i thought we both were going to drowned in his tears.I broke down crying because he told me something that meant a great deal to him. I wrapped him up in my arms and told him "I know baby boy i think i knew before you did. I loved you then and guess what, I still love you now." We were both crying but his tears weren't of sorrow but of joy and relief. 

Then one day he told me he was making a twitter account, he kept telling me about the friends he made on twitter. He got so happy every time someone followed him he would say mom, mom i got another follow. I was proud of him of everything he had done, and i'm still proud of him, and i always will be. 

On December 20th 2013 i found my baby dead in his room laying in a pool of his blood. I can not describe the pain i felt when i found my baby boy laying dead in his own blood with a knife covered in blood next to him. I screamed and cried I wanted to take that knife and push it through my heart, so me and my baby would be together again, I kept screaming, "Why, god why", and "wake up baby wake up". I kept repeated "i'm sorry" over and over again. But then i felt on hand on me. I found the last picture he ever Then today i found his suicide note. This is what it says:

"Dear mom, I cried myself to sleep every night knowing i don't have a place in this world, that everyone would be better off with out me. I was just holding people back. I was done with the pain, i was done with the bullies that would never go away. I was done with life. No one cared about me, they all hated me. And i know i have disappointed you. No one will remember me. I'll be another forgotten soul. I love you mom i'm sorry you deserve a better son than me." 
"Reading those words broke my heart, i was proud of him. He was the best son anyone could ask for. But now there is another angel in heaven and another star in the sky. Love you baby boy."

Alex's memorial guest book where you can leave a note.

Alex's mom shared this video with us in remembrance of her baby boy

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