Ohio mother of Transgender student says enough is enough. Stop the Bullying.

Keat, a perfectly adorable transgender child from central Ohio has gone public with her identity and her mother, after experiencing the reactions of some, is saying enough is enough.

Emily LeVan posted her daughters authentic name and gender on facebook and was astonished and saddened by some of the transphobic comments.

I asked Emily what she'd like to tell our community. She responded via facebook
"Just that I'm overwhelmed with the support that I've received since the interview aired. Keat is a very strong young lady who knows exactly who she is and I'm proud to be her mom. My fear was that I would receive a lot of backlash for doing the interview and while there has been some on the 10tv facebook page, the supporters far outnumber the naysayers. The tide is turning for transgender individuals and I'm proud that my daughter is helping to lead the way.

Show some love on the 10tv facebook post.

We are proud of you and we stand with you Keat and you're wonderful family.



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