Is the Kick Starter #AssignedSex NYC Trans Youth Film being Ignored Becuse So Many Are Black?

Looking at this project I see immense possibilities in every one of the young trans people featured. So why is it not receiving the support it deserves? It's not for a lack of commitment by those involved in the project. They have made four youtube promotional videos. That's three more than the norm. The project only has a few days left to be fully funded if it is to receive any of the pledges. My opinion? It's not getting money because the most of the participants are people of color. They are the easiest to ignore. That's right. Even within the transgender and LGB community there is a perceived stratification of privilege. In black and white, we are racists.

I always written reviews about transgender kick starter projects positivity, until now that is. We are failing and need to step up.

These young folks represent our vital link to our future. We all (privileged white trans peeps) have all attend a TDOR and silently shook our heads in dismay at every name read. We all know who is being victimized. People of color. I challenge our community, rich, poor, black, red, yellow, white, everyone, to walk the walk. Please support #AssignedSex on Kick Starter

Published on Jan 7, 2013

Kyrie, Angel, Lala, Jay'lin and L get ready to share their stories with the world. They have moved beyond the traditional gender labels assigned to them at birth and they aren't looking back.

#AssignedSex is a documentary that provides an up-close and personal look into the multidimensional lives of transgender individuals in the NYC metro area. The web series serves as a platform for transgender mentors and provides behind the scenes footage revealing the challenging emotional and physical barriers that transgender individuals are currently facing.

MUSIC BY: Fayola & O.N.E.

The Making of Assigned Sex - The Web Series' is the creation of

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