Listag Film, Benim Çocuğum & My Child, Fragman & Trailer. @turkgayclub

These parents risked everything to proclaim their love for there trans and gay children during a time of intense police brutality and arbitrary murders. They are my heroes.

[bing translate] Angel Okan, Bursa, transgender Irem Okan's mother brutally murdered in 2010, stabbed 44 times. This documentary, seven mom and dad, they live in a conservative, homophobic and transphobic society, parents, family and what it means to be an activist again be described, these special experiences with the audience witness to share in a friendly manner.

Source Turkey Gay Club: Turkey, especially in recent years, a growing conservatism in making itself felt, and many life significantly under the influence of the sanctions to continue.
On the other hand come out with the moms and dads told the children of LGBT and LGBT these approaches and other relatives and friends, and have received impressive results when they try to convince all of society.

So far, they have families LİSTAG'lı interviews, participated in both events or news pseudonyms are used in newspapers and magazines all the time and not showing their faces were included. Now open up the society, family members who choose to show their faces so they decided to realize my child documentary and crossed the whole world in front of the camera to announce the words

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