Video: Thai Trans Teen Beats Up Another Trans Teen. คุณรู้ผู้โจมตี

Trigger Warning: Extreme Violence In a staged attack a young trans girl beat up another trans person in a bathroom. I am using the female pronouns despite the Bangkok's use of male pronouns because both of the people were dressed femininely. This was a planned attack, set up to be recorded. This was a crime. The antagonist knew the victim would not fight back. I don't know the laws in Thailand but the attacker needs to be arrested and held accountable. ธุรกรรมชุมชนของเรามีดีกว่านี้


Source Bangkok Post A transgender teenager beating up his transgender friend after they got into an argument over gossiping was caught on video and went viral on the internet on Thursday.

Reports said the video was recorded by one of their friends in a restroom in Sukhothai province on Wednesday.

In the clip, a transgender who called himself "P" was speaking angrily to his friend, "Jazz". P was angry that Jazz talked about him behind his back.

P continually taunted Jazz and challenged him to a fist fight but Jazz declined. P then slapped him in the face and later started kicking and knee throwing his friend who refused to retaliate even when he was down on the floor.

Most netizens on YouTube criticised the teenager who beat up his friend, saying he should not attack another person who refused to fight back.

"Look at how she [P] throws her knee, that puts Buakaw to shame," a YouTube user said, referring to a famous Muay Thai boxer.

Another netizen posted a message, saying a transgender should not hurt another transgender

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