Why ARE NY Police Busting GNC Peeps? Fashion?

So you're standing on a corner minding my own when a cop suddenly whirls you around, gratuitously grabs your tits and ass and throws you roughly in a squad car charging you with prostitution.

You're crime? Being in possession of nine condoms, wearing $990 platforms, a slit mini skirt and white pirates top, braless.

But really, what did you do wrong?

In order to be arrested for what you were wearing as a NY Times article "Arrests by the Fashion Police" frames it, you would have to have committed a fashion Faux Pas. So whats that?

A faux pas is "a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that violates accepted social norms, standard customs, or the rules of etiquette".

Well you're not tactless, violating social norms and customs enough to get busted and sure not messing with anyone's etiquette. And nether am I. We're just expressing our gender, legally and creatively.

I think the Times well intentioned article unintentionally puts the victims in the offenders camp. The fact is the NYPD see us as convent easy targets of opportunity to satisfy there bosses insatiable appetite for stop and frisks.

NYPD, we are GNC. We are here.

Plus, writing about this is a great excuse to show off my new pumps.

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