Tony Zamazal Houston Trans Student Will Go To Prom In a Dress

A Houston transgender student who was originally denied her right to attend prom in a dress has received good news!

Source: ABC: Tony Zamazal says she asked the school last month for permission to wear a dress to prom, along with a wig, makeup and pump style shoes. Zamazal says the Spring HS assistant principal initially told her that would be unacceptable, because boys were tuxedos and girls wear dresses.

"I had gotten kind mad, ranted on Facebook, and it kind of blew up from there," Zamazal said.

Zamazal tells us she appealed to the principal, who allegedly said she would have to consult with the school board because it would be a community decision. Zamazal, at that point, went public with her dismay and the ACLU offered to help, writing a letter on her behalf to the school district, explaining that the school's position was unconstitutional.

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