Michelangelo Signorile speaks with Arizona State Representative John #NoLoo4U Kavanagh

Michelangelo Signorile takes apart the rationale behind John Kavanagh's noloo4u bill recently voted out of committee along party lines. His original bill expressly targeted transgender people for all intents made normal daily functions illegal.

Signorile: So now a business could make a choice (subjective determination) and not allow someone to use there restrooms?

Kavanagh replies indicating his abhorrence of gender non conforming people "Someone who is biological male but thinks in there mind they are female" would be allowed to patronize stores, restaurants and other places of public accommodations. What the business could do is to restrict a person from using there restrooms and could call the police if they refused to comply.

Kavanagh: "Bathroom wasn't the central issue. People are clearly uncomfortable when a person enters a bathroom of the opposite sex all off us have experienced that." (really?)

Signorile: "so what are you worried about? No one knows or cares about whats going on in the next stall over!"

Kavanagh defends his bill saying "A tree fall in the the woods nobody hears it " implying if his law is broken and no one knows or is harmed by us using the bathroom that keeps us from being attacked, who would know?


Q:If we trees have been falling since the beginning of time why would Kavanagh criminalize our 'movements' now, when no one ever heard us falling before?

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