British Trans Couple says no ring until after SRS

Sharing this clip of the video from Huff Post which originally aired in full on This Morning website which is probably not available to you if you're outside the UK and the only way to find out is to change your browser seting to 'automaticly' detect your location, somthing I won't do.

Louis Davies, 25, and 20-year-old Jamie Eagle say they won't get married untill 'after' there gender journey is 'complete'. Being young they may not understand our gender journey is never really complete. We all are destined to continue on our road less traveled regardless of what surgical corrections have taken place. It's really not about the external chages that may accompany transition. Those operations if thought of as yard markers on a football field with the end zone being completion are only physical. No matter what we do as trans people the vast majority of us will be left with 'tells' leaving somone whos only goal is physical transition without the intense feelings that accompany the enternal struggle.

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