DORA ÖZER İÇİN, ADALET İÇİN! Update: Global Protest locations for #justiceforJasmine #justiceforDora

Paris - meet in front of Swedish Embassy then walk to Turkish and Italian embassies - with Strass and Acceptess-T Facebook event

Glasgow - meet in front of Swedish Consulate with Sex Worker Open University
Facebook event

Edinburgh - meet in front of Turkish Consulate with Scot Pep
Facebook event

London - meet in front of Swedish Embassy with Sex Worker Open University, Xtalk and ECP
Facebook event

Berlin - meet in front of Nordic Embassies - Schwedische Botschaft
Rauchstr. 1, 10787 Berlin, Germany \
Facebook event

Brighton – in progress, contact Gillian Love

Canberra, Australia - meet in front of Swedish Embassy contact Roxanne Wilde
the memorial stone to our missing women on Friday July 19th, 6pm (PST) to protest violence against sex workers!

In Vancouver, Canada (CRAB Park
Also at 4 pm:
Västerås Sweden:
Minnesstund för Eva Marree Smith Kullander
RFSU Västerås
Facebook event

Also at 6 pm (PST):
Vancouver, Canada.
Meeting at memorial stone to our missing women to protest violence against sex workers! In Vancouver, CRAB Park

Also on Monday the 15:

Helsinki, 12 / midday , Ruotsin suurlähetystö (Pohjoisesplanadi 7B)
Facebook event

Friday afternoon the citizens of Turkey took to the streets to protest the murder of yet another trans person, Dora. Up until lately transgender murders have gone unnoticed in Turkey as no knew or even cared. But this is changing to some degree as social sites like this one have become quicker to disseminate information as we did when we learned of Dora's murder.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get news out of Turkey due to governmental oppression of the media. Just following the protest for Dora,  journalists gathered but were met by police in gas masks. I have very hard time translating Turkish but I believe that a suspect was arrested and has confessed to the murder of Dora Serdar Ozer. If you have further information please post it in the comments.

Trans Cinayetlerine Dur De! | Ankara Basın Açıklaması
Trans Stop Assaults On Too! | London Press Release
Via ICRSE: After a trans sex worker,Dora, killed by her clients in Kusadası 'Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association' organised a press conference and protest in Ankara/Turkey. Sex workers and LGBTs demand their rights.

Yesterday we shared the news of Dora, a trans sex worker murdered in Turkey. Today, we learn about the murder of Jasmine, a sex worker in Sweden who was murdered by her husband. Her child had been taken away from her because of her line of work. we send all our thoughts and condolences to all of friends, lovers, comrades of sex workers victims of violence all over the world. Violence will not stop once we have basic human rights but this is a first step. Solidarity with all and every sex workers in the world. be strong and safe.

You'll not bow down if you're a journalist
If you bow down you'll not say I'm a journalist

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