Police identifiy trans woman who's dismembered body was found in a vacant Phily lot

As reported previously on planetransgender the body parts of a unidentified person described as transgender by NBC 10 were discovered last Wednesday in a Philadelphia vacant lot.

Police believe Strawberry Mansion resident Charles Sargent used a axe to dismember a transgender woman allegedly telling his girlfriend he 'discovered' the victim was a 'man' after sex.  According to police Sargent's girlfriend heard noises upstairs and when her boyfriend came down he had the victim's body wrapped in bloody bed sheets warning her that if she said anything he would kill her too.

The victim pictured right from a previous arrest, has now been identified as a transgender sex worker Diamond Williams.

The narrative to the video by NBC 10 divulging the latest updates of this murder is respectful and news worthy. The accompanying video embedded below is not. The reporter seems to delight in intentionally disrespecting the victim as a cross dressing prostitute in a way that gives the impression that 'he' was murdered because 'he' was 'really a man'. It was the only video available at this time and I apologize in advance if anyone is inadvertently offended by it.

More than likely she was murdered because of Sargent's misogynistic ego and fear of what his friends would do or say. That's called Transpanic which is a lie not an alibi. 

Warning: Video contains explicit graphic bloody images of a murder scene not normally presented by American television.

This video has been removed by NBC.

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

More at nbc philadelphia.com

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