Did Four transgender athletes compete in the 2012 Olympics?

There are now allegations that four top woman athletes who competed in the 2012 Olympics were in fact transgender by definition and that their of transitions had not progressed enough to meet the criteria set in 2011 by the IOC regarding hyperandrogenism. This is a condition found in both cisgender and trans people in which conditions exist allowing muscles to be larger and have more endurance than what would be normally found in females and is used as a benchmark when determining the gender of a athlete.

According to the International Business news (IBN) the four were castrated so they could compete as woman.  The competitors, who remain anonymous, were found to have XY chromosomes, which genetically define men, rather than the female XX. According to the IBN all four females had internal male testes which were removed prior to competition after being referred to the hospital by the the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The IAAF has since denied the woman had tested positive for hyperandrogenism, had the genetic makeup of a male or had gender reassignment surgery.

"The surgeons have neutered these individuals," a consultant from London Bridge Hospital is reported to have said.

"They have castrated them by removing the gonads, by which I mean their male testes, and they've had gender reassignment surgery.

"You could do that to any man."

However, the IAAF has told insidethegames  that "not one athlete was investigated at London 2012 and found to have had hyperandrogenism"  

Officially the only transgender athlete to compete was Keelin Godsey, a transman, who tried out for the woman's hammer throw but didn't qualify. Under The rules that was fine since Godsey hadn't begun hormones.

Stay with me it's going to get bumpy.

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