Florida Nursing Student Threatened With Arrest and Expulsion If She Continues To Use Students Bathroom

Up until the July 9th transgender woman Alex Wilson was using the the students restroom but after someone complained she said "I've been told I have to use a closet in the school administration building."

Ms. Wilson is a certified nursing Aid is a student at the Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater Florida where she is continuing her education to a become a licensed practical nurse. She has been on HRT for four years and plans on changing her paperwork to indicate her authentic gender in the future.

According to WFLA "The Pinellas schools spokeswoman says administrators plan to look into this case to understand what happened. "In a scenario such as the one you're describing , a person will be offered access to a private restroom. And that's for the individual's privacy and for the privacy of other students," said Melanie Marquez Parra."

"The school spokesman says administrators will gather facts to see if anything should have been handled differently."

WFLA-TV News Channel 8

It sounds to me like the administration has already made up their minds and have acted accordingly. This story is personally disturbing to me because years ago early in my transition while in medical school I faced the same situation.

I was forced out of school because of the unending ridicule, harassment and ostracization after I agreed to use the teachers private restroom. The bigotry I faced wasn't just from the students, the staff intentionally misgendered me as well enabling the students to continue until one day I was threatened with violence. And the threats continued until I was being pushed and shoved in the hallways.

If this bothers you as well you can email the the Pinellas Technical Education Center using their contact form by clicking here or use this the information below.

Just remember please our intent is to help, not to vent.

Mark Erickson director at Clearwater Fl Campus.

Clearwater Campus
6100 154th Avenue N
Clearwater, FL 33760-2140
(727) 538-7167 - Fax (727) 538-7203
Toll Free: 1 (866) 503-PTEC (7832)

I just spoke with Mark Erickson director at Clearwater. He said that he can't speak specifically about what is going on with a given student but the school respects every student equally. Mr. Erickson was a great listener as I related my personal experiences. I also pointed out that in all of the counties, cities and states where trans people have been given access to public accommodations there has never been a instance when a trans person has abused that right.

I then talked with Melanie Parra media contact for the district. Ms. Parra was also a great listener even though as she pointed out she was not directly involved in the decision making process my input would become a part of her experience.

Both phone calls were highly encouraging and both people I talked to were very receptive. Both individuals pointed out the school is in decision making process so it's my hope some of my readers will also call and have a constructive conversation with these school officials as well. My apologies for any misspelled names or improper titles. I could not find a staff listing on the webs sites.

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