New Texas State Flower "Jack Boots " Confiscated Tampons At HB2 Hearing

My state of Texas GOP in the last few years has forced the publishers of school books to edit out positive references to religions other than Christianity, reduced or removed information on evolution in future editions pushed absitance only birth control education resulting in the country's highest STD and teen pregnancy rates, allowed unsafe workplaces, refused to accept the new health care system resulting in tens of thousands more uninsured people and now have Voted to Close all but a few of the places a low income uninsured woman can go seeking reproductive health care.

Gene Weingarten Washington Post at the Texas Legislature July 12th.....

...where if you have a concealed handgun permit you skip the lines and the metal detector and walk right in.


Because in their wealthy christian addled hate filled bigoted GOP infected gray matter they know they doing the right thing. The far right thing.

Monica Roberts down in the Dome sums it up quite nicely with this paragraph titled   "Teahadist Republifools"

"And if you thought I was being over the top partisan when I called the Republican controlled Texas government 'neo-fascist GOP oppressors' and I referred to Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst as Tex Fuhrer and Deputy Tex Fuhrer, peep this hearing on SB 2 in which Sarah Slamen is dragged from the mike by jack booted stormtroopers DPS troopers"

Last nights attempted testimony wasn't what these assholes wanted to hear so the asshole in charge failing to shout her out had her dragged out. WE need to VOTE these ASSHOLES OUT.

I moved here in 2002 and after 11 years I'm beginning to wonder why. Why did they go and crush our beautiful  Bluebonnet with their jack boots?

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