VICTORY! Toronto TERF RadFem 2013 "Rise Up" Protested by MP and Public is Denied Venue

Victory! Beaver Hall Gallery Cancels as Venue for Radfem Rise Up

Posted on July 4, 2013 by notoradfemriseup.

"Toronto’s Beaver Hall Gallery at 29 McCaul Street had until recently been scheduled to host a conference called RadFem RiseUp! featuring bigoted so-called “radical feminists” who have engaged in hate campaigns against trans women, sex workers and 2-Spirit people."

"The conference had planned to provide a forum to participants and presenters such as Rachel Ivey and Lierre Keith, both who espouse extreme hate toward transgender women and sex workers. As well the conference had been hosting radical feminists who have engaged in harassment, bullying, dehumanizing language, stalking, outing transgender teenagers online and blaming us for the violence we experience."

"They have also used similar hate tactics against sex workers in order to purposely, viciously, attempt to ruin lives; they repeatedly and publicly deride and denigrate sex-workers. They repeatedly, publicly, misgender trans people and 2-Spirit people and in fact they say we don’t exist; they also say that trans women are merely a perverted outgrowth of “porn culture.”

according to the Radfem Riseup website the new location will remain secret: "The address of the venue will be sent to each individual participant after she registers."

Beaver Hall Gallery just released emails stating that it will no longer host the conference:

“Beaver Hall Gallery is a space within Beaver Hall Artists’ Housing Co-operative, where artists and their family members both live and work. The gallery is managed and staffed by volunteer members who live in the housing co-op. When gallery events may affect the entire community of the co-op, the Board of the Co-op is required to make determinations in the best interest of the co-op members.

A final decision has been made by the Board of Directors to not host RadFem Rise Up! at Beaver Hall Gallery this coming weekend.

While we realize this news is disappointing for some, we hope that all parties concerned will respect and understand the decision.

The Gallery Committee of Beaver Hall Artists’ Co-op”

It's a great day when hate groups are denied venues in result of our advocacy. Great work.

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