Gaye from Istanbul found murdered! Already there have been 4 trans murders in 2013

Gaye, a trans woman who had according to reports, just left the sex trade and begun working as a florist, has been found dead in her apartment in Istanbul.

This brings the death toll of Turkish trans people to 4 in 7 months.

“We need a law to combat against hate murders,” said Ebru Kırancı from Istanbul LGBTT told Bianet.

Another person from the LGBT community apparently died from a drug overdose. While its not clear if she was trans her lose is still the transgender communities lose. A article posted on radikal.com.tr expressed outrage over the oppressive conditions that undoubtedly contributed to her death:

"Already that no one cares. The result is a trans died! What family accept what society accepts, nor officially recognized, defined. I just broke a jar of water towards the water is being treated. According to the system because the heterosexist homosexuals, transsexuals, all LGBTs a depraved, perverted, sick, sex-crazed, sinful, layout, racking ..."
"As long as I do not think it would be anything ranging strengthens the LGBT movement. Because everyone in Turkey, which is a heterosexist society and heterosexual Muslim Sunni official anlmda! Under such circumstances the law of this country, judiciary, homophobic, transphobic also be the usual, prime minister, deputy homophobic, transphobic and normal to have"
This memorial facebook page was posted by Trans X Turkey:

Trans X Turkey · 238 like this
19 hours ago near Istanbul, Turkey · 
There is much frustration in Turkey as the murders of LGBT people go unmentioned by mainstream media, uninvestigated or under investigated by police, unnoticed by politicians and condoned by religions. This leads many Turkish transgender people to feel that  there is a conspiracy against them, a conspiracy of acquiescence.

There are pitifully few accounts of these murders in mainstream media and only one translated to English further widening the awareness gap. Indeed there is a conspiracy in Turkey against LGBT people that encompasses every segment of society. 

This is a trailer of director Maria Binder's film, Trans X Istanbul  which is in currently in production. It is  a documentary with Ebru Kırancı examining the murderous conditions Istanbul Trans people exist in. 

What can we do?

Thursday August 1st at Ortanca Park Lambda Istanbul will be hosting an event to foster #kurtulustaneleroluyor: Homofobik ve Transfobik Şiddete Karşı Dayanışma (Solidarity Against Homophobic and Transphobic violence).

This Thursday come together in our forum in the Middle Park, Feriköy our neighborhood, we're going to talk about what we can do against the increasing and sistematikleşen violence.

Our forum Esmeray stylings. As a LGBT individuals to live in this neighborhood, then to talk to, will share their experiences of violence, attacks, we think what we can do together.

We expect all other LGBT residents of the neighborhood and our forum participants.

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