Counter the Christian Family Coalition's Miami Dade Anti Trans Hate Tactics

This is the picture and message posted by the christian family coalition imploring readers to take action against the proposed transgender amendment to the Miami Dade county regulations embedded below.
"The Miami-Dade Commission wants to pass a dangerous law that will force all places to open bathrooms and dressing rooms to "transsexuals." (men who allege they are women, and women to allege they are men) If one objects, they will be fired, sued and fined!"

I would ask my readers to take action as the CFC asks except with a slightly more accepting, loving message. You know, one that is in line with the Bible's teaching. Or just do it because you're a decent human being.

The CFC's members are targeting two county commissioners with a hateful message.

This is the message I posted on  Commissioner Jean-Monestime and Jose Pepe-Diaz's  Facebook pages. Feel free to copy and past.

I am not a resident of Florida but I am appalled by the hate being displayed by the 'christian' family coalition. In all of the areas in the US where similar ordinances have been enacted there has not been one instance of it being abused by a transgender person.This is fear mongering by Christians and it is shameful and goes against the bible that they proclaim to follow.
Please enact the ordinance amending Chapter 11A of the code relating to discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on gender identity and expression.

Thank you,
Kelli Anne Busey

You can also tweet Commissioner Jean Monestime.

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Dr. Judy Meissner, Psy.D., MPH said...


Objectively speaking, a human being’s sex, age, color, race, and ethnicity, or biological ancestry, among many other personal traits, are not up to them to arbitrarily decide; they are not based on a personal opinion, private fantasy or subjective perception.

Sex is a precisely determinable genetic fact. It is a scientifically demonstrable biological reality. As such, like it or not, sex can never be altered or changed. While an individual's physical appearance can be cosmetically changed or modified, or they can change their personal opinion as to their sex; their DNA, or chromosomes, can never be altered.

Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” are non-scientific, ideological terms, i.e., terms specifically concocted to advance an ideology. Neither term is scientifically demonstrable, genetically verifiable, nor an objectively definable biological reality. Both terms are difficult if not impossible to scientifically interpret and define.

It is contrary to sound public policy to recognize or grant an individual the false “right” to freely disregard and openly misrepresent their biological sex because this will thereafter recognize and grant the false “right” of individuals to disregard and misrepresent their age, race, ethnicity, or any other biological realities.

SAVE Dade: You need to understand that there is no constitutional or rational right to demand that society accept my sexual fantasies, my personal opinions or my subjective ‘feelings’ about whether I’m a man or a woman!

This ordinance has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights. It is simply an excuse to unjustly discriminate. You’re not advocating equality, your pushing insanity! Deal with it, sisters. You need to turn the page!