First of Five Charged With Murder of Trans Rapper Evon "Yung LT" Young Convicted

MILWAUKEE: Ashanti Mcalister 19, was found guilty of shooting Evon Young three times and helping to throw his body into a dumpster New Years day. Although Young's body was never found the verdict was supported by testimony from two of the accused, Devin Seaberry and Victor Stewart have turned states evidence in return for a plea deal.

AP reports that Mcalister was found guilty Thursday of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of 22-year-old Evon Young and will be sentenced August 12.

According to testimony, Mcalister delivered three shots to Young's lifeless body after he was suffocated and strangled in the basement of his own home.

The first trial of the five accused, Billy Griffin ended in a hung jury. Griffin will be retried in September.

The murder of Evon Young is being followed closely by national media which to this point have done a exemplary job of reporting on this case.

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